Is it worth entering the Russian market now

To be competitive, all 21st-century businesses follow the same goal — expansion.  As yesterday’s hot market becomes mature and saturated, why bump elbows just to gain an inch?  Why not be the first in an emerging market instead of going to where so many have already been?   At 20,260,000 km2 and 183 million inhabitants, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is the open space for those willing to dare, explore and compete.

The EAEU was founded in 2014 and is comprised of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.  History endowed this unique union, who’s GDP surpasses $10,000 per capita, with a robust infrastructure which unites all of its members.  Their already operational transportation and logistic systems make for a fast and efficient import, export and exploration.  

For access to this potential market, AgentRussia is key.  Entering the EAEU may seem daunting — language barriers, cultural barriers. What do they want? What do they have? And what about the paperwork?  These are the gates that AgentRussia can open.

AgentRussia — We are here to assist you every step of the way 

Due to both actual and perceived quality, European products are highly sought after in the EAEU.  Just like anyone else, the people of this union wish to get something that is a bit better and they are willing to pay a premium.  Agent Russia is the conduit for resident buyers and international sellers.

What AgentRussia provides:

 — Expert team in online marketing based in Russia

 — Knowledge of the local business practices and Eastern European market

 — Collaboration with native speakers in the creation of unique content

 — Creation and full support of websites 

Enter the russian market, increase presence

To gain a foothold in the EAEU, the first step is to get in the key markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Combined, these two have a population of almost 18 million. It is no wonder that most companies are located in these two cities. These cultural and economic centers are known for the highest purchasing power in the EAEU. 

Moving forward, the unified transportation system allows you to use the railway and road networks for quick and constant deliveries throughout the EAEU. In these markets you can expect to see a significant turnover within three months. 

Tired or unable to travel, would you like to operate from home?  AgentRussia can consult and assist in e-commerce and online business in Russia for the distribution of goods.  We provide individual market research, which includes the analysis of search engines and demand for similar products.  Following that, we can assist in creating an efficient business model.

After an appropriate business model has been formed, the creation of a comprehensive and informative platform, such as a website, may be created. AgentRussia will take care of the SMM promotion campaign and search engine optimization. Additionally, we provide translation and adaptation of the product information to the local market. We offer full support during all stages of planning and implementation of your export operation to the Russian market.  With these essential strategies, AgentRussia will make your online business a success. 

With AgentRussia, reliable distributor in Russia, you can become competitive even with minimal investments. Most marketing channels in Russia and Eurasia require specific cultural knowledge.  AgentRussia knows the peculiarities of the Russian market, and we closely follow the developing online strategies for increasing your target audience. The significant increase in market entries since our foundation serves as a clear indicator of our success of online campaigns. 

The same could be said for building a good reputation via social media platforms. We provide full support — from the testing process to market entry. For profitable business and sales in Russia, one must have representatives who will defend your interests and increase your presence on such platforms.

Representatives who will stand with you

The import from European countries requires licenses and certificates. It takes time and effort to set up the process and prepare the necessary documents. With AgentRussia, you will not have to worry about this. All the questions with customs and certification will be solved promptly.

Planning to open a representative office in Russia?  We have an ideal office space ready.  Real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg is inexpensive compared to Western European cities of the same size.  Cost, transportation and convenience are all benefits of Russian city life and business. 

Take the advantage of entering the market with AgentRussia’s competent sales representatives in Russia. We are able to meet with potential customers to demonstrate all the benefits of your product.

Pozhaluysta, turn the key and open the door to a wider the reach of your business! Our call center service will help you achieve significant growth of potential customers.  Let’s build a strong partnership together.