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Since 2014 we have presented European brands in Russia. Nowadays we are presenting different brands form the USA, India and even some African countries.

While working on projects, we make local market research of goods and services. After that, we offer a development strategy with reference to these researches. We search for a specialized distributor, that has a share of sales on this market and also open a representation office with a warehouse and client service.

There are different ways to pay for our service: it can be fixed or a % from sales.

We work with following sales channels:

Direct sales, including organization of meetings and sales cycle management.

All types of e-commerce with local web-site development.

Sales organization with a help of a specialized partner’s network.

Sales organization with a help of key players of retail business.

About us in figures

Here are some facts about how we work:

3 days

an average speed of free market research

from 500 €

start price to lead the project

45 days

an average period of new product localization (web site, brochure and certificates translation)

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